A daily dose of ideas to fuel your kids' imagination. Slowly add cereal and fold it into the mixture, you can use more or less of the kix, depending on how chocolatey you want them to be. Toss. It can’t get better than that and I think your kids will agree! It can’t get better than that and I think your kids will agree! To make Mini Honey Kix Cereal Cheesecakes you will need: For the crust: 1½ cups Honey Kix™ cereal, crushed to ½ cup 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine For the filling: 1 package […] Cool. Why not enjoy a little cake with your talk too?! An update to my kix cereal+milk. Heat sugar and butter in ... brown and thickened. bag) 3/4 cup carrot juice 1/2 cup Mountain High® Original plain yoghurt (from 32-oz. Honey grain cereal. They can paint each planet in the […], This octopus veggie dip is a great way to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables. Jan 26, 2013 - I know most people know the recipe to this.... but this time i tryed adding peanut butter to the mixture- turned out great! Mixed around cream flavors, added marshmallow. All you need is butter, brown sugar, Kix, vanilla, a pinch of salt, and some chocolate to make this crispy, crunchy cereal-based version of my perennial holiday favorite Chocolate Crack. 5 More. Ingredients: 5 (nuts.. sugar.. syrup...) 8. Ingredients: 8 (peanuts.. salt.. sauce.. sticks...) 10. To make pancake cones You will need: Parchment […], The beauty of these easy-to-make, nut-free, no-bake treats is that kids can make them with little or no help. For community rules, visit http://bit.ly/HIRIpt Kix is a lightly sweet corn cereal with just a little bit of milk. peanut butter, Kix Cereal, candy bar, Fiber One Cereal. Easy, delicious and healthy Kix Cereal Treats recipe from SparkRecipes. The school buses are up and running and kids are returning to school. This starfish snack is perfect. 15 min, 7 ingredients. For full Kix nutritional information and facts, head on over to the General Mills website. Fall just happens to be my favorite season of the year. melt butter add marshmallows melt till smooth on very low heat add cereal stir till coated place in 9x13 pan let This pirate ship lunch will be sure to please your junior sea rovers and I bet they gobble it up faster than you can say “Aye!” […], BEEP BEEP! kix cereal, roasted hazelnuts (coarsely chopped or whole ) and. 1½ cups (32 G) kix cereal 1½ cups (32 G) cracklin' oat bran cereal 1 cup (22 G) life cereal 6 tablespoons (86 G) unsalted butter Instructions Preheat the oven to 350 F (180 C). Fiber Crunchies Favorite Family Recipes. We used KiX Honey Cereal, dried cranberries and cherries, fish-shaped crackers, raisins and bear-shaped graham crackers. Home > Recipes > Just for "Kix" Printer-friendly version JUST FOR "KIX" 1 c. sugar 1 c. butter 2 1/2 c. "Kix" cereal Heat sugar and butter in a large pan until boiling, stirring constantly. See our top-rated recipes for Kix Cereal Treats. This fun snack mix, which is also great for heading back to school, is made up of KiX cereal, dried fruit and small crackers. It’s easy to make and […], Are you looking for an easy and fun snack to serve the kids this summer? Simply combine items in a … This yummy school bus snack takes only 3 ingredients, and you won’t believe how easy it is to make. What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 orange bell peppers 3 slices of […], These yummy sailboats floating in a sea of Kix cereal are sure to please your little ones this summer. Here’s a mini-sized version of a classic Pull-Apart that’s perfect for divvying up between lots of little kids at snacktime (grown-up kids, too!). 4 cups Kix cereal (100 grams)** 3/4 to 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips (use however many you want) Heat oven to 325 degrees F. Stir peanut butter, sugars, butter, baking soda, baking powder, egg and vanilla in large bowl until well mixed. White Trash Gonna Want Seconds. pan coated Yes No No Preference Skip Last updated Dec 24, 2020 This search takes into … In microwave safe bowl melt together the butter, marshmallows, and chocolate chips (about 2 minutes), then stir til mixed well. To make Mini Honey Kix Cereal Cheesecakes you will need: For the crust: 1½ cups Honey Kix™ cereal, crushed to ½ cup 2 tablespoons melted butter or margarine For the filling: 1 package […], Here’s a delicious way to get kids to try out new flavors (and sneak in some veggies) in a spring-y, sippable smoothie snack! Sprinkle 2 oz Reese pieces on too and press in lightly. Kix cereal nutrition facts Finally, it’s worth pointing out that all Kix cereals are made with genetic engineering, so that makes Kix cereal a GMO product. Coat a large silicone spatula with nonstick spray as well. Or just in a big bowl, which I’m sure will please him just the […], It’s a basic science concept, and one that even the youngest kids can understand: Red, yellow and blue combine to create orange, green and purple. Mini Honey Kix Cereal Cheesecakes Kids love cute individual-serving desserts, and these yummy, easy-to-make mini cheesecakes have the added appeal of a crunchy Kix Cereal crust! Line a baking sheet pan with aluminum foil and lightly coat foil with nonstick spray and set all of these aside. Present the snack mix to Dad in a little paint can favor box along with his favorite beverage. Get your kids involved in the kitchen and ask them to help you make this! Pour over cereal and nuts. Kix Cereal Navigation ABOUT KIX KIX CREATIVE KIDS EVENTS KID CRAFTS KID RECIPES KID TECH CATEGORIES PRODUCTS PRODUCTS Since we made our first batch of crispy corn puffs in 1937, KIX… Kix Cereal Desserts Recipes 5,967 Recipes Would you like any fruit in the recipe? Allow to cool on counter and cut into squares. To make Savory Italian Monkey Bread Mini Pull-Aparts you will need: 2 cups Kix® cereal 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 […], Cookie Butter Kix Pops Kids Can Make Themselves. Stir in the cereal and M&M's. To make pot of gold marshmallow pops: You will need:* Marshmallows Kitchen scissors Lollipop […], Savory/sweet, rich, delicious perfection. You may substitute any nut butter for the […], Being a Dad is hungry work, isn’t it? Calories, carbs, fat, protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more for Kix (Cereals ready-to-eat, general mills). Mix 2 oz of Reese pieces in. Lightly butter a 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1 inch jelly roll pan. Spray 9x13 pan with Pam and press mixture in. What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 slices of star fruit 1 raspberry 4 […], Astronomical Lunch: Painted Planet Sandwiches. Candy Corn Kix Treats Chocolate and Carrots. It’s really easy to make and it’s a great snack for kid’s parties and play dates. Stir in Kix cereal. We are quickly nearing the end of summer, and fall will be here before we know it! cereal 27 - the star of the show. I love the warm breezes, the beautiful evenings and most of all, the colorful leaves. It’s full of fresh fruit, and contains kid-approved Kix cereal. kix cereal, roasted hazelnuts (coarsely chopped or whole ), golden raisin, banana chips, non-instant vanilla pudding mix, honey, peanut butter. Fill your pancake cones with any of the kids’ favorites, either sweet or savory, such as fruit, yogurt, Kix, whipped cream, even ham and cheese. Magical Color Transfer   Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box from our friends at Tablespoon.com    Painting with Ice Cubes, Earth day is Tuesday, April 22nd, and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk to your kids about why taking care of the earth is so important. Kix Cereal, unsalted butter, candy corn, marshmallows. Your kids – and their friends – are going to love it! If you like, sneak some banana slices in these treats, too! Boil sugar, syrup, and butter for 10 minutes. Chocolate and marshmallows are made even better by the crunch of Kix “gold” at top.