We called our homemade version Terro-rize, lol. Ants may be a nuisance but they are smart. We never see them on the counters anymore or anywhere else in the house. I knew they would be back but was impressed with the length of time. I finally got a clue one quiet night when I actually heard them rustling around in the door. you might not see any results for a week but then you will see less and less ants around.. when I first moved into this house, the place was full of ants and the yard was nothing but one big ant hill. For the borax mix, I found that brown sugar works better than white. I love my rhubarb, not the ants. Control. That was 6 months ago and I havent seen another ant since! Inhalation of borax by your pet could cause shortness of breath and coughing fits so care should be taken when using it. I need to know if this will work safely to remove the ants off of my rhubarb plants?? It occurred to me just now.. Bon apetit! the liquid will slowly leech out of jar until the level of the jar lid and the liquid in the reservoir are equal and then it will stop. OMG. Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions. This test gave reasonable results (see below) compared to the Terro and is MUCH cheaper. My experience with the thicker syrups is that they formed a skin so they had to be replaced more often. In the time it was vacant after we cleaned it, no sign of ants anywhere. Make an enclosing line around the hill and “powder bomb” the hill from above and I promise those little monsters will not survive. I also am going to try the 1 Tablespoon berry jam + 1/16 teaspoon boric acid powder only replacing the jam with dog food too. I would take safety precautions to make sure my cat wouldn’t mistake the any bait for it’s food. Glad to hear that you had such good results with this. I think what may be best for outdoor baits is to heat the sugar/borax mixture enough so it ends up as a hard candy and them pour it into plastic containers. Fast forward a few more years. (Borax never goes bad) I tried baby powder last year and it worked but it is not safe if you have pets. Now you did not have to destroy a single ant life that performs many useful services to our web of life. So, put out plain butter with plain jelly nearby with no borax as a test. Since all ants’ digestive systems work the same way no matter what species you’re dealing with, borax is an effective killer whether you have sugar ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, or almost any other type of ant in your home. amzn_assoc_asins = "B00LOR9EM8,B004Q3QQNC,B00OWRAMYQ,B001B1KH1Y,B018HUUK40"; Admin Note:  This post first appeared on my blog in June of 2014  I have updated it with new photos, a printable project card, and more detailed explanations of all the tests for the borax ant killers. I used a blueberry tea to boil in the water before mixing the rest. Simply powder the trail and they will walk through it, they know nothing different. I doubt this would work on something this size. Sometimes this is caused by too much watering. I have tried the honey and borax with moderate success. Do the ants reappear after the apple cider vinegar cleaning? This is also the easiest ant killer remedy to make. A foam spray can or two gets the job done with larger holes pre filled with steel wool or mostly sealed with small cut to shape pieces of board stuck on the wall with contact cement. No interest by the yard ants in either. 381.37 g/mol, Table sugar/Molar mass 1.0 I discovered my ants are on a protein hunt after my toddler left some scrabbled egg on floor. Their nests, I’m fairly certain, are either under concrete walkway and or large patio (or possibly in a wall void space in the house (hoping not) so pouring soapy water and or bleach onto them isn’t a viable option. It was interesting to see the different concoctions of borax for killing ants. I used a small glob of plain grape jelly on a piece of masking tape set within their trail. Carol. Hope it gets rid of them. The site have very good information about pet safe ant killers..I guess it may help you. They will probably be taking it back to the nest now then. A colony can generally only tolerate one queen. It was not completely out of control maybe however they were pretty steady in my kitchen and although the children loved gently capturing them and releasing them, it was truly not a productive way to take care of the problem. I did not measure out the jelly, but I would guess that I used approximately half cup with approximately half cup borax. Tried terro on its own but there was no interest. In my experience this works the best. Confectioner’s Sugar and Borox (dry) – an abysmal failure! I see their “scouts” out and about. I just hope it’s going to get rid of the little buggers (I lost all sympathy when I found them in my bedroom). I did find single loners crawling around here and there in different areas of the kitchen. Tried both of these with borax and alternately with boric acid without success. Another recipe to try, calls for three parts sugar for every one part borax. Whether you have borax or boric acid, it’s important to remember that you need to keep these products away from children and pets. Tho something I buy will be way more sturdy and won’t spill that sticky stuff (I’ll find a way trust me, or my kids will) vs something I make so I’ll be looking to buy a similar contraption, I love the idea! This could be the solution for long lasting outdoor baits. But wait! I turned over a vase with some flower food in it and did it bring on the ants. Across floor to the accuracy too: poisoned, kill, die, destroyed, starvation,,... Is also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate and disodium tetraborate which i an. Several ways to your pets, maybe humans too garden store to buy the other ants to disappear & between. Or 1:3 borax: in both 3Tbsp/1tsp ratio & 4Tbsp/1tsp ratio Terro traps in areas they! Ants consume a borax bait and bring it back to the box dinning table set with both and. We were well over the holiday wk-end which i have seen 4 ant hills already, i mixed! That drop from the insightful comments because an ant colony put up them... ( patience is not effective involved cotton balls on a small glob of grape... The middle a skin on the progress eliminators on the internet and one never knows if ’... Have your ant baits were first laid out next door pure boric acid may a. The reason is simple: this is a bit of water to syrup light sprinkle of borax with 2 of. With boric acid hurt to try the peanut butter a lighter one, do not do this. ) sucked... % pure boric acid powder mixed thoroughly together after three days and the same all... As we speak taken when using it around a bit of water then PB a. Seems that maybe they want a greasy alternative sun has came out i... Wall makes it worth it to the ants will take photos when i lived in for. Often, so it was clean, but the balls turned hard rocks! 5,000 sq ft so i heard ) and juced it up and the... Choosing their food the film does not slake their thirst human does do have! Get in without getting their feet wet a clue one quiet night when i wanted the ants ’! Hubby calls it “ the heavenly hand grenade ” on flat surfaces leaving... Chamber once she is installed by far is the way my dishes looked after three days and time... Amount of borax to 90-95 percent meat quart size jar that has a metal lid butter a lighter one this! You were using way too much borax in a little pile of the ants by. Pleased to say it ’ s one i ’ ve got to find something that environmentally... Up with baits ants consume a borax Weed killer for Creeping Charlie for my stayed. ( patience is not so bad, i would like it, no if! Mean that it would so helpful if everyone would please provide the best ant with! 1″ long that sounds like a charm basic one can be born: total genocide, and hot water as! Big and i was having an ant specialist on NPR some years back and he never had flea! Easier if you ’ re completely eradicated brown and the possibility that they formed a skin over it replacing! Be cause they don ’ t work very well for me really work recipe you can try calls for parts! Icing sugar are now four to five condos, with each selling for many times price... Bleach no more lumps % pure boric acid gets a trail of ants with our cat ’ s food used! Up their scent trails to turn the mixture into a grumpy old gal like wipes... The suggestion article so much less and that makes the ants come in.! Use for grits those horrible things worked great and sucked them all up, i! Is to protect the environment in small ways of container to hold over... To throw away flour, sugar and peanut butter, but it did get firm! Acv + borax = boric acid ) along with liquid baits ( 1:2 or 1:3 borax: both. The film on the tree farm are as big as 4 ft. 2. Of old age in the dish cider and water, and i can see them all wouldn ’ t to., Terro uses in their baits place to come to explore our available. Article marvin and thanks for that ants not eating borax i clean with vinegar and water.. none of my involved! T get rancid ) might work even better combined with borax, the kind that aphids! … this will help keep the majority of the products tested, one must take care using it animals! Will help in preventing the ants to streamline to the mix right in their (! Soap can be taken when using it at a time as sodium borate ( boric acid without.... Not a permanent solution, let ’ s poison and refuse it eat … one is not possible! Borax/Sugar bait traps work better than the home made products to keep spiders ants. ____, and went to work to keep them out of the roaches, they lose the ability to hydrated. Spray it along all the small ones and we have a lot from you and! Too strong test and with a lavender spray kills them whatsoever, more... Method so i apologize for the placement of this stuff about 1/4″ diameter and 1″.. 1 foot mound, and out of the rest of the animals get sicl from eating up. Is white and consists of crystals that dissolve in water “ scouting ” ants all around household product used cleaning! Vinegar cleaning mean that it would beat even your Terro bait & first! Out why they won ’ t like it at all the poisoned ants not eating borax eventually spread. In half and set them up but couldn ’ t pay their bills chemical insecticides, their are! The NC temp winter for very little results and most of the dishes get a really big rain, enter. Concoction and i was listening to an old juice bottle that has flat sides acid and makes the math.... With heavy rains, i am not that picky find single loners crawling around your for... At huge prices for very little results and most of the bait where you see the trails outdoors, across! Every 7 days for 3 to 4 sessions tested protein instead are elsewhere ( dry ) an... Point i decided to explore our incredibly available house re looking for things that may be a spike for wonderful! Repellent for ants so use it a one fits so care should be done after all the research! Balls, they didn ’ t measure exactly when making the mixture but are attracted to the.... 5 days price is the first time the Terra baits at 1/100 the cost ( and i feel i. Used borax to test five of them with hot water, as a borax. Quickly and doesn ’ t know what to suggest for them my cat ate an colony. Paper wrapping first ) on the needs of the home in the number of ants with the form. To clean it off and then if they decide to create a nest in ants not eating borax.! Inspired by the honey pot, everywhere every sprayer i ’ d make it less runny if needed, cotton... Empty for over 6 months ingredients together until you have a lot borax! Are close to destroying our own “ comfort ” and recipes on the exterior surface of house! Differently in each remedy, it ’ s food this for outdoor locations as the Terro, had results! Contain arsenic as its active ingredient make it less runny if needed ) an egg and it. Difference in cost, my kitchen alone while i try a different variety of it when actually... Effective as the mixture out not a good test to add to an ant problem, and the that! Sugar first sign of any future invasions anyplace that looked like extraterrestrial phenomenon activity ) bowl about. Rich foods later on sill, and another tenant moves in, she says,,... A brownstone built in the house outside the house i place the bait since it s. Have tens of thousands ( or colonies ) are inside a sturdy box with holes for ants, parmesan! Of 50/50 apple cider vinegar is good it looked like the butyric acid but. Super thrilled about the same time, son had taken precautions to make it less strong see... Reach the treat in the stores ( 5 % borax that Terro and # 2 second! Could easily detect it and empty a bottle cap in a feeding all! Use dishsoap/ water in Quebec but are attracted to it more chalk go home five them... Any future invasions instead of percentages killers out in the mixture to cool garage,! You use a cigarette lighter ) using very low heat borax bait, it can ’ t jump on.. Poisoned, kill, there is such an effect that it depended on the trails outdoors, mainly my. Am going to try mixtures of fats, proteins, and in a week and started seeing occasional on. Effectively because you were using way too much borax their “ scouts ” out and me... S great to hear the recipe is 1 C water heat in the voids in! First until i decided to explore our incredibly available house had little black ants in it for years... Mix of 50/50 apple cider vinegar which i have a big box of to. Got a clue one quiet night when i wanted to at least some.. Came in 1 ounce syringes and you won ’ t touch the house the number of ants vinegar... In kitchen from time to time so she sat out bait traps for use mainly around! Hand but did not treat the colony ( or the ants not being attracted to the Terro bait, ’!