Let's go ahead and extend UserSetting to support profile photos. If not, click here.’; when i click the link then it goes to profile.php, but then it doesn’t show the name of the user. user will love to see their branded profile page with lot more information. Here's the migration with fields for our settings—note the relation to the User table: We can use Gii to generate the model and CRUD files for us. Expiration. N.B. It is a security mechanism that is used to restrict unauthorized access to member-only areas and tools on a site. Adding a selection dropdown for types is a common model extension we use to make forms friendlier. It displays the welcome message by addressing the user with their display … 18, 20, 21. Create a table named 'userprofile' and import the userprofile.sql file from _sqlfile folder. By the way, the Yii2 validators have an amazing breadth of capabilities for many common operations web developers might normally build by hand. logged-in user can follow other user. Star rating bar allows the user to submit his thoughts whether the content is useful or not. In frontend/views/layouts/main.php: You can also see a link above to the User Settings feature which will be described further below. This gives the administrator a view how well its item is performing. Code to Get Values from db using PHP and show into Table format Rows-Columns one by one. This is Step by Step tutorial on Buiding of Dynamic Chat Application with PHP Ajax JQuery Mysql Bootstrap and Jquery UI library. user.php – handle database related works; userAccount.php – handle forgot password, reset password, and email sending. The Privacy and policies section provides links for contacting the Privacy officer, requesting data export and account deletion (new in 3.6), along with a data retention summary page (new in 3.6) (unless disabled by the ad… While the number of settings will increase over time, let's review a few of the ones we want to start with: We can create the User Setting table with an Active Record Migration and extend it with updated migrations later. Star rating bar allows the user to submit his thoughts whether the content is useful or not. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. He also offers a very nice explainer on how to use it. – NiceDevelopmentq May 1 '16 at 12:19 Your login form doesn't allow the user to login with a username. The LearnDash Profile will display all courses in which the user is enrolled. On Clicking the choose file button user can browse local computer files and select an image of jpg or gif type. We can make use of Bootstrap's layouts and Yii2 widget extensions. To store the user details you already have a users table in the MySQL database. Ultimate Member worked right out of the box and was really easy to set up. Every user has a profile page which may be reached from the user menu top right and then clicking Profile. It can complicate server restore operations and migrations. Video: User Profile Photo File Upload HTML Form PHP Parse Script MySQL. "'>" … In this tutorial, we're going to build out key areas around the user's own data for broader use through the application: All of the code for Meeting Planner is written in the Yii2 Framework for PHP, which has built-in support for I18n. We will need to create helper functions that load a user's settings and create a default record for them if they don't exist. Please feel free add your questions and comments below; I generally participate in the discussions. Other file type are not allowed. Alternatively, at least for default, we can use the Gravatar service which associates a profile photo by the user's email address. With this plugin you can stop sending your users to the ugly back-end profile, registration and login pages, and instead give your users a seamless front-end experience on pages that match the rest of your website. Maintainers needed. Demo Building this feature is relatively straightforward. We also need to create a form to make configuring the settings an easy process. What i'hv done wont display the expected output that i want.So is there ... you need to say WHAT doesn't work. It means that in addition to backing up MySQL we need to always back up a portion of the file system as well. PHP combined with MySQL are cross-platform (you can develop in Windows and serve on a Unix platform) Database Queries. Here's the code that handles the post from the update form. The first step is to create a database, and then a table inside it. When you click on the registered user it will then take you to the view_profile.php link and display the information on them; $link = "