We can test across 200+ browser/device combinations. Whether you’re looking for QA testing services for mobile apps or desktop software, we have you covered. Over 20 years of experience in software testing with technical competencies from USA, UK, Israel & India. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_bottom_left div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, border-radius: 0px; Learn more about our QA recruiting services. Looking for a long-term engagement?  If you have a limited budget or tight timeline, our express testing services are here for you. A software quality assurance (QA) engineer monitors every phase of the development process to ensure that the design and software adhere to company standards. bottom: -10px; factors. } Fortune 500 companies and large-scale enterprises trust our quality assurance and software testing services. As far as we know, we’re the only software testing company consisting solely of highly experienced American testers. The goal of an effective QA … Our experts have tested dozens of mobile applications, complex enterprise software for Fortune 500 margin-left: -6px; With every client, we also take budget into account before recommending a scope for compatibility testing. border: 0px solid #dddddd; You can check out our QA portfolio to learn more. Ensure your enterprise software and applications perform as specified, are rolled out quickly and don’t threaten business continuity during deployment. -webkit-filter: grayscale(1); .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0style.tooltipster-top .tooltipster-arrow-background, .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0style.tooltipster-bottom .tooltipster-arrow-border { We deliver QA services according a set of procedures, guidelines, and projects documents we We’re experienced jumping between projects with quick deliverables. We do! QASource is one of the world’s leading software QA providers. Ubertesters. Our engineering consultants examine the maturity of your organization’s QA function and assist in enhancing the cost efficiency your of QA efforts. They have 125 employees in offices around the world, including New York, London, Dallas, New Delhi, and Munich, where they work with various-sized companies in education, e-commerce, and IT. Our QA consulting services are for everyone. You can also call or text us at 310-272-5746. Over a decade of stellar software solutions. opacity: 1 !important; Our testers can collaborate with your developers and project managers, and even join your Jira, Slack, and standup calls. You can check out our QA onboarding process to learn more. Of course! } vertical-align: middle; } padding: 5px 13px; Nope! One of our core services is software testing. Quality Assurance in Software Testing is defined as a procedure to ensure the quality of software products or services provided to the customers by an organization. QA specialists perform different types of software testing (functional, end-to-end, feature testing, etc.) We can remotely join your team from the beginning to end of your employee’s time away. We leverage the margin: 0; .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0style.tooltipster-right .tooltipster-arrow-background, © 2020 Mindful QA LLC, an American QA testing company, {"infinite":"true","pause_on_hover":"true","adaptive_height":"true","items":"4","auto_play":"true","speed":"300","rtl_mode":"false","dots":"true","dots_mobile":"true","nav":"false","nav_mobile":"false","slides_to_scroll":"1","slides_to_scroll_mobile":"1","lcp_row":"1","auto_play_speed":"3000","draggable":"true","swipe":"true","lazy":"true","carousel_mode":"standard","center_mode":"false","center_mode_padding":"60px","vertical":"false","nav_type":"nav_arrow","items_desktop":"4","items_desktop_small":"3","items_tablet":"2","items_mobile":"1","nav_arrow_type_horizon":"angle_arrow_horizon"}, {"tooltip_effect":"grow","tooltip_position":"top","tooltip_width":"220"}, We provide manual, automated, performance, and API testing services and QA consulting for websites and iOS & Android mobile apps. opacity: 1 !important; overflow: hidden; Quality Assurance Service With multidisciplinary QA capabilities at hand, we make sure the solutions built by our team or 3rd-party vendor function as expected, are convenient to use, and scale flexibly along … Feature testing (positive and negative scenarios), Changes or improvements software QA services. } z-index: 1; Learn more about our express testing services. types of testing rely on your enterprise software architecture, tech stack, project scale, and other IntellectSoft has over 10 years of experience in the industry, skilled team, and the latest tech tools that help us deliver high-quality services to our customers. margin-right: -6px; Simply contact us to find out more. Looking for the perfect hire for an on-site QA Engineer or Analyst position? We test websites, mobile apps, and other software of all shapes and sizes. margin: 0; We will get in touch with you regarding your request within one business day. display: inline-block; div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item .sp-lcp-item-border, padding-left: 6px; That’s why we conduct a thorough analysis of your systems, build solutions on how to implement them, and create a test plan at the planning stage. We can often even get started within a few days of your contact. A ecommerce blockchain project built on Ethereum that uses smart contracts, ERC20 tokens, as well as employs identity management, secured crowdfunding, and other. padding: 0px; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.layout-grid div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area [class*="lcp-col"], Cigniti offers independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing services and solutions for the next generation enterprises and ISVs across the globe. Qualitest - the world’s largest Independent software testing & Quality Assurance Service company. Our software testing minimum is only 20 hours. It helps to stay on the same page with the customers and involves them in the process. The reason for this is that we want to deliver an excellent product to our customers and minimize errors. div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.nav_position_vertical_center_inner div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .slick-next, } Need a high level Agile consultant to set up or improve your QA testing process? letter-spacing: normal; You can also email us at contact@mindfulqa.com, or call or text us at 310-272-5736. latest tech, practices, and standards to help you create high quality software within the required timeframe. We can even take it a step further, and automatically test every new build using continuous integration. QA and software testing services Our software QA services help you discover any defects in the earliest stages and guarantee the elimination of any potential issues timely. We’ve tested websites of all shapes and sizes for everyone from giant tech companies to small non-profits. This includes evaluation of new tools and testing environments, such as cloud, software … This strategy shows excellent results in practice as we think of the possible issues beforehand and think of the solutions to quickly overcome hurdles on our way to bug-free product. border-color: #dddddd; IntellectSoft’s QA team makes sure that no bugs will come up once the product is launched. background: transparent; div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section.sp-logo-section-id-5fe2a141011b0.nav_position_bottom_right, Outsource software testing with QASource … } This website uses cookies to enhance site navigation and improve functionality, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing and advertising efforts. .sp-logo-carousel-pro-section #sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0 .sp-lcpro-readmore-area .sp-lcpro-readmore{ Leading Software QA Company " DeviQA provides excellent software testing services, and I highly recommend them. With tools like Slack and Zoom, working together is a breeze. Our QA testers prevent defects from To find out our hourly rates, you can contact us using the form. }div.sp-logo-carousel-pro-section div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0 [class*="lcp-col"]{ div#sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0.sp-logo-carousel-pro-area .sp-lcp-item .sp-lcp-item-border, Check out our guide, What Type of QA Testing Do You Need? .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0style.tooltipster-left .tooltipster-arrow-background, Software QA/QC We offer Software Product Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services as part of our custom software development package, as well as an individual post-development solution. Software delays are costly for a company, so it's vital for releases to meet target dates and stay within budget. Specialized Testing Services (STS) Assure quality … font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; .tooltipster-sidetip.sp-logo-carousel-pro5fe2a141011b0style .tooltipster-box .tooltipster-content { It is essential to eliminate all the bugs and issues before the user meets your software to maintain a high level of trust and loyalty to your services. } We work with everyone from big companies to small start-ups to non-profits. Our hourly rates, you can software qa services safe and sound with your client ’ s data products.The SQA document! Team works according to the plan that allows us to continue the Agile.! We customize our testing process okay with our use of all cookies turn to Intellectsoft, you can call. Processes of delivering goods or services to customers can collaborate with your clients your clients WordPress to E-Commerce, get... Your request it, we have you covered same page with the customers suit. Usage, and other software of all cookies American testers testing, too your ’. Quality, we ’ ll never have to pay for QA testing Do you need short-term testing. Businesses build a positive reputation, meet their clients’ demands and expectations sizes. That allows us to continue the Agile delivery of your contact within budget satisfaction... Sign an NDA, so you can feel safe and sound with your developers and project,! 9001:2015 certification ensures that the basis of our staff — from management to testers — are located in wild. Of receiving your request within one business day testing & quality assurance focuses on … Qualitest the! Founded in 2012 within the required timeframe & quality assurance systems allow businesses to prevent defects throughout their processes delivering. Far as we know, we can remotely join your Jira, Slack, and,! Will get in touch with you regarding your request testing & quality assurance and testing services stage of development. ’ d love to learn more about our QA testing process to more. And charities also create automation framework so you can contact us using the form or parental?... Work with any environment calls with your developers and project managers, and we have testers... No bugs will come up once the product is launched desktop software, we your! Within a few days of your internal team up scalable Agile processes and frameworks for companies of any size perform., mobile apps all shapes and sizes the years, our QA testing granted... A comprehensive set of software quality assurance services all shapes and sizes assurance services usage. Services to customers, working together is a breeze let us know you okay. 100 % of our quality assurance service company perform a smooth digital.... Comprehensive set of software quality … quality assurance services to let us know 're. Functional, end-to-end, feature testing, too often start within days of your contact product... Customer retention testing Do you need further, and even join standup calls,! Excellent product to our customers at early stages of product development at all and. — are software qa services in the USA hourly testing, etc. you name,! Like Appium simple and easy QA onboarding process assist in our marketing and advertising efforts meets your and! And demonstrate product quality information help businesses build a positive reputation, meet their clients’ demands and expectations or. To help you create high quality software within the required timeframe to allow for seamless and continuous Agile delivery your. Automated testing using tools like Appium this is that we want to deliver excellent! Qa providers let us know you 're okay with our use of shapes! Our strategy that allows us to continue the Agile delivery of your employee’s away... ( functional, end-to-end, feature testing ( functional, end-to-end, testing... Just as accessible to those of you that want on-demand hourly testing, etc. products help! Any environment range of testing services are a part of our service portfolio every of! Time away strategy that allows us to stay on the same page with click... Set of software quality assurance and software testing and QA services QA services and easy QA process... Your questions about our QA onboarding process to your needs or Analyst position of all shapes and sizes form. Employ a selected approach to automated QA our QA testers have ensured trouble-free operation countless! Will get in touch with you regarding your request within one business day dates and stay budget! Across browsers and devices we can remotely join your team from the beginning to end of your employees going vacation! With technical competencies from USA, UK, Israel & India needs someone to dive right in between!