The Somas, very rich in sweets, for which the sieve is distined, 5. I would support the singer, God who scatterest wealth! A lofty seat have they attained. They govern at the sacred place and bear the sacrifice to Gods. 4. Thou givest blest award of good, and plenteous food, thou givest wealth that wins success. 3. Sama Veda SAKSIVC Page 6 of 7 Text of the Song and text of Verse As mentioned earlier, the singing of the Samaveda Verse is not an adhoc improvisation, but follows a strict procedure. 8. 1. The dames of Trita with the stones urge forth this goldencoloured one, 6. Fiend-queller, friend of all men, he hath reached his shrine, his dwelling-place. 5. So with sweet-sounding tongues for us sacrifice nobly in this rite: Stablished to fill the juice with vital vigour, giver of wealth, guard of his servant's body, 2. 2. 1. And Vala he cast headlong down. Flow on, O thou of lofty thought, flow swift in thy beloved form, Long shall he live who richly pays their service. 3. To him who dealeth out all wealth, the sweet-toned Hotar-priest of men, Yea, verily thou art a Bull, our guardian, rushing like a bull: Pour forth this wealth with this purification: flow onward to the yellow lake, O Indu! The regions, never overthrown. 3. Most excellent, to be our aid The Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life. Sporting, as 'twere the waters' wave. 1. Unquelled in fight the hero leads his army with the warrior chiefs, Ye Mitras, may we be your own! Mark closely, Maghavan, the word I utter, this eulogy recited by Vasislitha: Sama Veda - Kauthuma Shaka - Vol-1 by Veda Prasar Samiti, released 10 March 2012 1. By songs a poet, and a Sage by wisdom, Soma goes singing through the cleansing filter. The swift ones favour him who purifieth this: with brilliancy they mount up to the height of heaven. Ye rich in strength, through your great power vouchsafe us blessings day and night! 2. 1. 7. You seem to have an Ad Blocker on. On flows the potent juice, sustainer of the heavens; the strength of Gods, whom men must hail with shouts of joy. Drink Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman. The chieftain of resistless might. The Kanvas praise thee with their hymns! 4. 1. 1. May those his brilliant rays be ever free from death, inviolate for both classes of created things-- 2. 1. Surya is light, light is Surya. There are two stages. do I speak: 2. All sacred-songs have magnified Indra expansive as the sea, To Vishnu and Marut host! Thou seekest friendship but in war. Do thou who art protector of us thy friends who praise thee Thou, of Pavamana, hast assumed thy coat of mail with majesty. 2. The man who lies in wait and fights against us, deeming himself a giant or a hero,-- It is very much regretted that the Sama Veda Sanhita Vol.3 is a duplicate of Sama Veda Sanhita Vol.4. God Soma, send us cbariot-drawing horses that they may bring us treasures bright and golden! 2. 1. 'Tis like a courser bathed in streams. The Soma-drinker, O my friends! The kine approaching with full udders follow on thy path. 2. Wonderful, with thy saving help, send us thy bounties, gracious Lord! May the drops gladden thee, Lord Indra, and obtain bounty for him who pours the juice! 2. Let none, no, not thy worshippers, delay thee far away from us! 2. O Vritra-slaying Indra, quell the foeman's wrath who threatens us! Sama Vedam Chanting is a Sanskrit album released on Jan 1996. Driving the black skin far away. In war men call on thee, Indra, the hero's Lord, in the steed's race-course call on thee: 3. Pure, thou dost strike the Vritras dead, and strivest pure, to win the spoil. O Agni, thou who art the lord of wealth in kine, thou Son of Strength, By nominal I mean that I used to follow rituals in the family as per Sama Veda knowledgeable priests but that's it. All sang thy praise at banquet and oblation. A friend whom friends may supplicate. 10. It is the sound of Brahma. Dear, wisest envoy, skilled in noble sacrifice, immortal, messanger of all. 1. 8. O Thunderer, zealous worshippers gave thee drink this time yesterday: Men with oblations pray to him. For first possession of your juice, for the exhilarating drink, That Indra will we laud whom songs and hymns of praise have magnified. Accordant with the Asvins and with Dawn grant us heroic strength and lofty fame! Was gathered in his footstep's dust. The drops as they are purified, the Soma juices, make the paths. In sweetest and most gladdening stream flow pure, O Soma, on thy way, pressed out for Indra, for his drink! Let songs of ours speed Agni forth like a fleet courser in the race, Drink our libation, Lord of hymns! 4. Lauded by Jamadagni's song, sit in the shrine of sacrifice: The mighty and far-seeing one hath mounted now the mighty Surya's car which moves to every side. Hence riches came to thee, the King, O sapient one: the strong-winged bird, About the holy place the Steer, true, guileless, noblest, hath sent forth, The Soma drops with thousand powers are purified to win us strength, 3. 3. Thou, gold-hued, started like a courser by brave men, art lightly showing forth thy splendour in the streams. Agni, he conquers by thine aid that brings him store of valiant sons and does great deeds, 9. 11. 2. The God who giveth wealth accept the full libation poured to him! 3. This Agni is the Lord of great prosperity and hero, strength, 2. The Ribhus in accord have lifted up their voice, and Rudras sung thee as the first. Whoever with the Soma pressed draws thee away from many men,- Or, Indra, when with Ruma, Rusama, Syavaka, and Kripa thou rejoicest thee, Hawk seated in the press, bird wide-extended, the banner seeking kine and wielding weapons, Protect us by three hymns, O Lord of power and might, bright God, by four hymns guard us well! Brahma Deva is considered as a Vedic deity and is usually represented as Chaturmukha (four faces), each faces representing the Four Vedas – Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Atharva Veda, and Sama Veda. As friend to friend, for splendour be thou good to men! So, Indra, with the Maruts be thy friendship: in all these battles thou shalt be the victor. So as the mighty one, great King of all the mighty race of men, the Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life. 5. 2. 1. With awful aids, O awful one! Like Surya, flow for us to see! The streams of meath have been effused. Then thou, made beautiful by night, enterest into mighty deeds, Indra the choirs have glorified. Through all this world strode Vishnu: thrice his foot he planted, and the whole He glideth like a serpent from his ancient skin, and like a. playful horse the tawny Steer hath run. If I, O Indra, were the lord of riches ample as thine own, My worshipper should be rich in kine. In Soma's ecstasy Indra spread the firmament and realms of light, Thou art our visible deity! 10. I repeat the expression of my obligations to those scholars whose works assisted me in my translation of the Hymns of the Rgveda. Add Lyrics. Roll onward from the press, O mighty one, effused, as kings, supporter of the tribes 2. 2. Him have they praised, mid-point of sacrifices, great cistern of libations, seat of riches. 7. Mitra I call, and Varuna. Indu, the well-armed God is flowing onward, he who averts the curse and guards the homesteads. 6. 2. Three several words are uttered: kine are lowing cows. 5. 1. 2. Thy bright flames, thou refulgent one 4. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Sky! To us the mighty, lying in all vital power, who resteth in the deep, who standeth in the east. I think of Agni who is kind, whom, as their home, the milch-kine seek; Still, Indra, from all ancient time rivalless ever and companionless art thou: Sit down, O friends, and sing aloud to him who purifies himself: So graciously accepting, Indra, this our praise, with wondrous thought come forth to us! 2. 3. The well-loved meath was made to flow, the stream of the creative juice: Hath let his holy ways be seen With night, unto the cleansing bath. None may restrain thee, yet come hither to the draught! Three-seated, opulent, bestowing all delight: may it bring weal to us, to cattle and to men! Verily there is none like thee! The Cow, the streaming mother of the liberal Maruts, pours her milk, Flow to the filter with thy stream, effused, to win us spoil and wealth, 2. They, treasure-finders, have announced food unto us from every side. Strong, ever-youthful are the arms of Indra, fair unassailable, never to be vanquished: Listen / Download all Divine Chantings of Vedas in Sanskrit. 8. 8. He with the help of lofty Dyaus comes safe through straits of enmity. Are licking one another's back. 9. with store of nourishment, and strength, and meath. He hath been hastened to the jars, bountiful, like an eager horse, 5. praised of all, resistless, daring, bold in might. Uplifted is the shout of Gods who conquer, hightninded Gods who cause the worlds to tremble. Whose friend is Indra ever young. The Kanvas praise thee with their hymns. The Gods seek him who presses out the Soma; they desire not sleep: The Rig Veda is chanted on 3 notes, the Yajur Veda on up to 5 notes and the Sāma Veda on 7 notes. To Indra and to Agni we bring reverence high and holy hymn, 3. So as the mighty one, great King of all the mighty race of men, the Goddess mother brought thee forth, the blessed mother gave thee life. Show forth the mind that brings success in war with fiends, wherewith thou conquerest in fight! He, being purified, hath made the mornings shine, and it is he who gave the rivers room to flow. Hence sprinkle forth the juice effused, Soma, the best of sacred gifts, who, friend of man, hath run amid the water-streams! He hath come nigh from the sky's farthest limit: the Steer hath waxen in the waters' bosom. Beside the flowing Soma juice! 4. So, in like manner, do the forest trees and plants bear him within them and produce him evermore. Dearest to Gods in sacred rites, pour on us fatness with thy stream, Download Samaveda: The Musical Veda - Akuparam Chanting song on and listen The Holy Vedas - 20 Great Passages Samaveda: The Musical Veda - Akuparam Chanting song offline. S. O Indra, lover of the song, we are the singers of thy praise Adityas, very mighty ones, grant to our children and our seed To Slander and reproach of men! Whom fleet-foot coursers seek as home, and strong enduring steeds as home. Expressed by stones, O Soma, and urged through the long wool of the sheep, thou, entering the press-boards even as men a fort, gold-hued hast settled in the vats. Stand up erect to lend us aid, stand up like Savitar the God, 2. 2. 1. The Strong hath flowed forth in a thousand streams, flowed through the filter and the sheep's long wool. When the Sage, purging manly deeds and lofty wisdom flows, around, 2. Heroes of one accord brought forth and formed for kingship For food, flow onward with thy stream, cleansed and made bright by sapient men: Indu. 5. Griffith 1895 PREFACE. The Soma, Indra, which is shed in saucers and in cups for thee, 6. "Sama Veda" is an ancient Hindu scripture and one of the four main Vedas of Hinduism.It is a collection of melodies and chants, and is also called the "Book of Song," "Veda of Chants" or even "Yoga of Song." This veda is dearest to the Gods. Laid bare this world's lowest and highest regions, womb of the existent and the non-existent. With Indra and with Vayu he, effused, flows onward with the beams That army of the foemen, O ye Maruts, which, striving in its. Eager to win the breathing and the breathless. O Agni, him! 1. There is a method for producing the text for the song based on the corresponding Sama mantra. From every side, O Soma, for our profit, pour thou forth four seas. 3. Come, priest, and of the savoury juice pour forth a yet more gladdening draught: 10. On! 3. Finders of treasure through our prayer! Soma, as thou art purified with flowing wave, exhibiting thy strength enter thou Indra's throat. Thou seatest thee as first among thy peers in place, for thy soul longs for Soma juice. 6. 3. 2. The Sun ascending, the refulgent star, pours down his beams. There are least 214 mantras in Sama Veda which are common to Rig Veda and Yajur Veda, namely Shukla or Krshna (with some minor variations).3 Many of these mantras are in Atharva Veda also. 2. I crave with song the help that is most excellent. O Purifying Soma, bring to us the wondrous treasure, meet. 1. 3. 2. And, seated on the grass, raising their voice, assumed the milk, the covering robe wherewith the address stream. Great, most celestial, gladdening drink! Led by the men he makes the milk his raiment; then shall he, of himself, engender worship. Strong pillar thou, Lord of the home! Asvins the Rishi is prepared, your worshipper with, songs of praise. of the brave. I. 2. Be gracious to us, Soma, driving off distress! 3. 1. 2. With homage will I reverence thee, Agni, like a long-tailed steed, Sit thou on this my sacred grass! Flow bounteously bestowing wealth Please consider whitelisting us in your ad blocker so that we can continue to provide the content you have come here to enjoy. Thou by attrition art produced as conquering might, and men, O Angiras, call thee the Son of Strength. Even as mother cows their calf, so let our praise-songs strengthen him, Agni, drive thou the wicked foe, the evil-hearted thief away, To whom the racers, swift of foot, to whom our wellborn princes come. Ye who brought down the hymn from heaven, a light that giveth light to men, 2, Conspicuous. He who gains Indra's grace by fire enkindled, finds as easy way 1. Make glad with songs that Ram whom many men invoke, worthy hymns of praise, Indra the sea of wealth; Thou carest, too, for this our prayer. 3. Pour on us treasures thousandfold! They have drained forth from out the great depth of the sky the old divine primeval milk that claims the laud: Men, Agni, in each age, have made thee, deathless one, their envoy, offering-bearer, guard adorable. Enjoy them, Lord of princely wealth! Buffaloes speeding to the woods. He shines in beauty there, this God, immortal, in his dwellingplace, The Vritra-slayer drinks the juice. 1. 2. Sing ye a song, to make him glad, to Indra, Lord of tawny 1. Thou didst destroy the Dragon: thou sentest the rivers down to Earth. 2. 1. All sacred songs have magnified Indra expansive as the sea. Even here is he who, swift of course, hath with the river's wave Rowed down. He streams erect to sacrifice, as 'twere with splendour, seeking kine. Himself a diadem in heaven. 6. O Indra, Vritra-slayer, naught is better, mightier than thou Now, Indra! Hasting to us with plenty vivified with milk. Drops born as Law prescribes, that find the light of heaven! 1.3. Both Gods, devoid of guile, wax strong. 2. Give ear and listen to our prayers! Flow on, best winner of the spoil, to precious gifts of every sort! With fearless heart will I sing praise. The rapture-shedding Somas have flowed forth in our assembly, pressed to glorify our liberal lords. With strength may he come nigh to us! 1. 1. Imperial lord of holy rites. Thy streams that never fail or waste flow forth like showers of rain from heaven, For us, thou irresistible From Indra, have I measured out a song eight-footed with nine parts, Soon as the Sun hath risen I sing to you, to Mitra, Varuna, Nay, very glorious wealth is his. Bring forth oblations to the God who knoweth all who fain would drink, The two stroing bay steeds, voked by prayer, hither shall bring to us our friend, 3. To both of you, O Heaven and Earth, we bring our lofty song of praise, Very easy access to all the Chantings of Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Krishna Yajur Veda, Shukla Yajur Veda, Atarvana Veda. Hero in combat and in love of glory, give us a portion of the stall of cattle! He, flows beholding on his way all well-beloved sacred lore, Thee, Soma-lover! Him for your sake I glorify as Lord of Strength who wrongeth none, 2. As wives embrace their lord, the comely bridegroom, so they compass Maghavan about that he may help. 3. Over the cleansing sieve have flowed the Pavamanas in a stream, girt by the Maruts, gladdening, steeds with Indra's strength, for wisdom and for dainty food. Thou, visiting both thy mothers, aidest them as son; thou joinest close the earth and heaven. 19-25. He burst the mountain for the kine. Song-lover! Thou, hero, hast performed thy hero deeds with might, yea, all with strength, O strongest one. Or pressed among the Fivefold Tribes-- I invocate the Child of Strength, Agni whose glow is bright and pure, 3. 2. We know thee mighty in thy deeds, of mighty bounty, mighty wealth. Sama Veda is perhaps the earliest known musical literature. He, showing Trita's name, hath caused the meath to flow, increasing Vayu's strength to make him Indra's friend. 1. Devouring in their greedy jaws, they make sustaining food irb heaven, Whom Indra dearly loves, the waves and ten companions dip and bathe us to beauteous Power. 1. The lofty light of all mankind. 2. Thou radiant Lady of sweet strains, with wealth of horses and of kine Incite to battle thine ally! The handles twain are wrought of gold. Veda classes are conducted by Vedic scholars, at various centers to enable many people to attend .Every occasion gets started with Vedic chants which leaves the whole place charged with divine vibrations. Like ever-conquering chariots that display their strength, gain wealth and give unfailing help. Which, ceaseless, thrice a day shall yield us hero power enriched. 8. 2. 3. 2. 2. 9. 1. Laid in the press and flowing pure to Vayu and the Asvins, may To Indra must a laud be said, a joy to him who freely gives, 2. 2. Cleansing himself with stream of juice he shines forth yellow-hued and red, when with his praisers he encompasses all forms, with praisers having seven mouths. 1. Indra, the mightiest of all. 9. The well thou clavest, settest free the fountains, and gavest rest to floods that were obstructed. Strong Agni is enkindled well, even as the horse that brings the Gods: Surya, thou mountest up to meet the hero famous for his wealth, Mounts up together with the Sun. 3. 1. 1. Soon as the eager Lord of men is friendly unto Manu's race Like a capacious car hath it been harnessed, the mighty, to acquire abundant treasures. So, Indra, friend of song, do we draw near to thee with longing; we have streamed to thee Let Brahmanaspati come forth, let Sunrita the Goddess come, We choose to-day that chariot-steed of thine, the strong, that brings us bliss, the guardian, the desire of all. 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