Die.44 Remington Magnum, meist nur.44 Magnum oder 44er Magnum genannt, ist eine leistungsstarke Patrone für Kurzwaffen. [3], The .44 Magnum was an immediate success, and the direct descendants of the S&W Model 29 and the .44 Magnum Ruger Blackhawks are still in production, and have been joined by numerous other makes and models of .44 Magnum revolvers and even a handful of semi-automatic models, the first being produced in the 1960s. [5] In 2006, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the .44 Magnum, Ruger introduced a special 50th anniversary Blackhawk revolver, in the "Flattop" style. It has a fairly heavy trigger pull, but the distance is short, so it feels light and easy to operate. Then there are semi-auto .44 Magnum rifles Ruger used to manufacture, the most recent model being the Ruger Deerfield carbine, but production was stopped in 2006 because of its high price, not to mention it only holds 4 rounds in its rotary magazine. There are more affordable rifle options like the Rossi Circuit Judge in .44 Magnum, an SA-DA (single-action and double-action trigger) revolver carbine. Revolvers can use speedloaders while most .44 Magnum lever-action rifles can fit up to 10 rounds in their tubular magazine. [16], The concept of a dual-purpose handgun/rifle cartridge has been popular since the Old West, with cartridges like the .44-40 Winchester, whose "high-speed" rifle loadings were precursors to magnum loads. In 1961, Ruger introduced their .44 carbine, the first .44 Magnum carbine. After the .44 Russian was developed, the forefather of the .44 Special and thus the .44 Magnum, the measurement of bullet caliber was taken from inside of the cartridge, resulting in .429 caliber. Configure. My ruger 77/44 drives tacks at 100 yards with Barnes Vor-tx ammo 225 grains. The .44 Magnum was also bought and used by the character Travis Bickle in the 1976 film Taxi Driver during his assault on a brothel. [7], Keith settled on the .44 Special cartridge as the basis for his experimentation, rather than the larger .45 Colt. Indeed, for a human solution, I suggest the lighter-recoiling, but still incredibly effective .44 Special, which you can shoot through your .44 Magnum without any problems whatsoever. [5], The .44 Magnum cartridge was the end result of years of tuned handloading of the .44 Special. You’re not buying a CCW piece. GND is community supported. The longer rifle barrel doesn’t use the forcing cone found in a revolver, which means there’s no velocity loss. I personally, like the Challenge of hunting with a one-shot rifle. EDUCATION 101. Although marketed as a .44 caliber, the .44 Magnum and its parent .44 Special are actually .429-.430 caliber. The construction of the molecularly bonded soft point bullets has also been adjusted for the best accuracy and expansion at those velocities. The Taxi Driver soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann also features a song titled The .44 Magnum is a Monster. Big Boy and took two deer opening morning last year and can’t wait to hunt with it this November equipped with new skinner peep sights. [13], Although improved modern alloys and manufacturing techniques have allowed even stronger cylinders to be made, leading to larger and more powerful cartridges such as the .454 Casull and .480 Ruger in revolvers the same size as a .44 Magnum, the .44 Magnum is still considered an exceptional weapon. Since rifles are heavier, you’ll have to carry one over your shoulder with a sling, and even then you’ll feel sore hours of carrying it that way. Gun News Daily is the longest running gun news website in the US. The Smith & Wesson Model 629 V-Comp Performance Center 44 Magnum is our favorite right now if money isn’t a big deal. In any firearm, as soon as the bullet exits the barrel, gravity immediately acts upon it, reducing its speed. Regardless of which .44 magnum you have or are about to buy, they are still a blast to shoot. Just like I prefer a RecurveBow to a Compound bow. [3], Keith encouraged Smith & Wesson and Remington to produce a commercial version of this new high-pressure loading, and revolvers chambered for it. But as revolvers, they have an inherent disadvantage due to their design. .44 Special.44 Mag.45 ACP ('08).45 ACP ('15).45 Colt.45 Super.460 Rowland.223 Rifle Acknowledgements. [22], In addition to beating the ballistics of the old .44-40 rifle loads, long considered a top deer cartridge,[4] the heavy, flat-point bullets typically used in the .44 Magnum have an additional advantage. Introduced in 1955, Smith & Wesson’s iconic Model 29 is the gun most responsible for .44 Magnum popularity. The .44 Magnum case is slightly longer than the .44 Special case, not to make more room for propellant, but to prevent the far higher pressure cartridge from being chambered in older, weaker .44 Special firearms, thus preventing injuries and possible deaths. Weapon handling would be much easier too, because the longer barrel makes the gun front-heavy, giving it better balance. This means the projectile's trajectory will drop significantly at ranges beyond 100 yards (91 m); there will be virtually zero significant drop at 50 yd (46 m), so the gun's aimed "line of sight" can meet the "bullet's trajectory" at the same point. When drop-out at 100 yd (91 m) is about 2 inches (5.1 centimetres), the drop-out at 150 yards (140 m) is more than 8 inches (20 centimetres); with a 100 yd (91 m) zero drop-out, the drop-out at 150 yd (140 m) will still measure more than 6 inches (15 centimetres). La performance utile typique se base sur les caractéristiques des munitions standard du marché les plus fréquemment rencontrées, ceci à titre de comparaison. Being inherently longer by virtue of its stock and barrel length, a rifle won’t be as easy to point, aim and shoot as a revolver. This beautiful new Magnum has impressive acceleration and top performance. The .44 was adequate for many decades before this bullet design came along. The most expensive option that I’ve seen so far is the Navy Arms Winchester 1892 Lever Action Rifle that goes for $2,132.90 on Cheaper Than Dirt. Join 70,000 Readers For Our Weekly Discounts. Rifles, by virtue of their longer barrel, can push any cartridge to its maximum ballistics potential. Their new Raging Hunterhas been steadily increasing in popularity and starting this month, they are producing the same line of revolvers but chambered in the more potent .454 Casull. If you happen to own a .44 Magnum revolver it and you’re looking to hunt deer from farther than what your revolver allows, i.e. over 50 yards away, it make perfect sense to get a carbine that can shoot the same round. When the Dual Bond stays together, it produces fairly atypical .44 Magnum performance – a wide fast bleeding wound and relatively deep penetration. Smith & Wesson 629 Performance Center Revolver -Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are created from the ground up. So, the cartridge was developed by Elmer Keith, Phil Sharpe, along with Smith and Wesson, by performing changes on the .38 that was used back then. A popular rumor says a Ruger employee found a cartridge case marked ".44 Remington Magnum" and took it to Bill Ruger, while another says a Remington employee provided Ruger with early samples of the ammunition. Some of the more popular ones are Henry Repeating Arms‘ Big Boy rifles that can be chambered for an assortment of revolver cartridges from the .327 Federal Magnum all the way up to the fat .45 Long Colt. On average, a good lever-action revolver-caliber rifle (or carbine, a rifle with a relatively shorter barrel) will cost anywhere from $800 up to $2,000 depending on brand, make and model. [10] Ruger began shipping their new revolver in late November 1956. By the summer of 1956, Sturm, Ruger became aware of this project and began work on a single action Blackhawk revolver for the new .44 Magnum cartridge. Thanks for reading guys and remember to stay safe and protect your ears when shooting. It performs exceptionally well beyond the cartridge’s potential when you fire from other long-barrel revolvers. This will never be the case with any revolver that has a scope mounted to it (unless it’s a revolver rifle, like the Rossi Circuit Judge briefly mentioned above). Depending on your budget, there are a lot of options to choose from. With precise shot placement and deep-penetrating cartridges, it has even been used to take the largest of game, including Cape Buffalo. The .44 Magnum remained mildly popular among shooters for many years after its introduction, but did not come to the attention of the general public until 1971, when it was prominently featured in the American feature film Dirty Harry starring Clint Eastwood. [23][24] The limiting factor of the .44 Magnum cartridge is not terminal ballistics. My preference is the 357 Sig, loaded with Underwood extreme penetrators. Two bears charging from 10 yards way would probably not allow a reload of either a revolver, or a tube fed carbine. PERFORMANCE CENTER ® Model 629. Laser None. Smith & Wesson's first .44 Magnum revolver, the precursor to the Model 29, was built on December 15, 1955, and the gun was announced to the public on January 19, 1956[8] for a price of US $140 ($1330 in 2020 dollars) Julian Hatcher (technical editor of American Rifleman) and Keith received two of the first production models. One of these hand-loaders was Elmer Keith, a writer and outdoorsman of the 20th century. [18], The accuracy of the .44 Magnum is very good, with models from Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger producing bullet groups of 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.2 centimetres) at 50 yards (46 m), with most ammunition. When fired from the 20-inch barrel of a lever-action rifle, a 240-grain .44 Magnum bullet can reach velocities of up to 1,760 feet per second, 27.54% faster than when the same bullet is shot from a 6-inch revolver. [3][4] When loaded to its maximum and with heavy, deeply penetrating bullets, the .44 Magnum cartridge is suitable for short-range hunting of all North American game—though at the cost of heavy recoil and muzzle flash when fired in handguns, less so in carbines and rifles. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links. Cartridge Type: Handgun Height: 1.285" Width: 0.514" Average FPS: 1317 Average Energy: 897 Average Gr: 233 Recoil: 1.45 Power Rank: 6.14 of 7 The .44 Magnum/.44 Rem Magnum is a cartridge based off an extended and maxed out 44 Special, and like the .357 magnum it was created by Elmer Keith but this time he was in his 50's and wanted an even bigger bang. Smith & Wesson ~ 629-8 Performance Center ~ .44 Magnum GI#: 101561593 This S&W 629-8 Performance Center consists of a stainless steel receiver, 8.375" fluted barrel, performance center tuned action, rails on top and bottom of barrel for sights and laser attachm ...Click for more info It’s a shame because the Ruger is a nice lightweight rifle. At the time, the selection of .44 caliber projectiles for hand-loaders was more varied, and the .44 Special's brass was thicker and stronger than the dated .45 Colt case. Since 2001, we have provided the latest in gun rights news, tech reviews and product information. Although the more powerful .454 Casull wildcat cartridge was announced in 1959,[4] the .44 Magnum was the most powerful production cartridge until 1983, when the first production .454 Casull single-action revolver was produced by Freedom Arms as the Model 83. Der Name gibt das nominelle … The shorter 6-inch revolver can be easily carried in a shoulder holster like this generic one from Amazon and won’t be as punishing even when carried for hours. Demand for the Model 29 increased so much that they were selling for up to three times suggested retail price. [4][7] Having a carbine and a handgun chambered in the same caliber is an old tradition; the .44-40 Winchester was introduced by Winchester in a lever action in 1873, and Colt followed in 1878 with a revolver in the same caliber. The first consideration is the price. m&p shield ez pistol important safety recall notice for pistols manufactured between march 1st, 2020 and october 31st, 2020 learn more.. This is a safe and simple gun for novices, but the durability and high performance make this a fine choice for more experienced shooters. 10mm Auto ammo, as the name suggests, was made for semiautomatic pistols, while the .44 Magnum is commonly used in revolvers. Smith & Wesson ~ 629-8 Performance Center ~ .44 Magnum. Tests performed where bullets are shot through light cover, intended to represent twigs and brush, have shown that the high-velocity, lightweight, thin-jacketed, pointed bullets used by most hunting cartridges today are easily deflected by contact with the brush. After its introduction, it was quickly adopted for carbines and rifles. Made largely popular by Clint Eastwood in his 1971 movie “Dirty Harry”, it has enjoyed a well-deserved reputation among law enforcers, hunters and sporting arms enthusiasts. Sure, the Remington round may fall behind .454 Casull, .500 S&W Magnum and so on regarding stopping power but it could still tackle virtually every imaginable target these kinds of days. Thus, for guns chambered in this cartridge, a smaller size shouldn’t be a consideration. Magnum Icon. What, no mention of the Single -Shot rifles? It would be possible to rebarrel it but thats costly too. Rapid fire is difficult and strenuous on the user's hands, especially for shooters of smaller build or with small hands.[14][15]. A scope mounted on a rifle lets you peer through the lens easier because it’s closer to your dominant eye as you rest your cheek on the stock. Barrel 2.625" / 6.7 cm. Making The Right Choice. Trade it off on a Marlin or a Henry. The lever action has served well in defending from aggressive, rabid infected Jack rabbits on my Arizona ranch. But it’s also a functional new star for gun safes around the land. Velocities of Federal Premium® HammerDown™ loads are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. The longer barrel makes a gun heavier, and the weight of the 6-inch revolver will tame the recoil better compared to that of a lighter, shorter barrel revolver. With significantly longer barrels than revolvers and no cylinder gap (except in revolving rifles), carbines will generate a significantly higher velocity than a revolver loaded with the same ammunition. This S&W 629-8 Performance Center consists of a stainless steel receiver, 8.375" fluted barrel, performance center tuned action, rails on top and bottom of barrel for sights and laser … As far as ballistics, when fired from a 6-inch barrel revolver, a heavy 240-grain .44 Magnum bullet can reach speeds of up to 1,380 feet per second, generating kinetic energy at the muzzle of 1,015 foot-pounds of force. This is a fairly useful bullet, but again, somewhat over engineered and overrated. I had one of those 77/44 Ruger and accuracy was terrible, I free floated the bbl. Designed specifically to exploit the full potential of the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge, its advanced design sets the single action revolver standard for reliable performance for big game hunters. RIFLE BALLISTICS. About Us | Write For Us | Advertise| Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer Policy And FTC Affiliate Disclosure |. There is no such thing as a best 44 magnum revolver for every purpose. Smith And Wesson 629PC 44MAG 7.5 STS DT RED - $1079.99 DetailsModel: PERFORMANCE CENTER® Model 629 .44 Magnum® HunterCaliber: 44 Magnum, 44 S&W SpecialCapacity: 6Barrel Length: 7.5" / 19.1 cmOverall Length: 14.0"Front Sight: Red RampRear Sight: AdjustableAction: Single/Double ActionGrip: The .44 Special, and other large-bore handgun cartridges, were being loaded with heavy bullets, pushed at higher than normal velocities for better hunting performance. That should be enough to take down bear-size game at distances of up to 30 yards. Henry USA, of course, also makes a few. Great info. [20], The .44 Magnum is well suited for game up to elk size. The Big Boy chambered for the .44 Magnum rifle, which can also shoot weaker .44 Special rounds for target practice, costs only $900 brand new. Despite the ".44" designation, guns chambered for the .44 Magnum round, and its parent, the .44 Special, use 0.429 in (10.9 mm) diameter bullets. If you have a preference, this may guide your decision regardless of performance stats. I ended up trading mine away. Advantages Top-Of-The-Line Performance Regardless of what targets you shoot at, .44 Magnum would get the job done without trouble. The Black Hawk was a single action revolver and later a double action model, the Super Red Hawk was produced. The .44 Magnum rifles have a longer barrel that pushes the .44 Magnum cartridge to achieve higher terminal performance and ballistic levels. This makes any .44 Magnum rifle a viable option for long range deer hunting at over 70 yards away. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'gunnewsdaily_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',112,'0','0'])); Lastly, there is the rifle’s heavier weight to consider, although depending on where you stand in the argument, this can be considered an advantage rifles have over handguns. And as already mentioned earlier, the .44 Magnum cartridge can be cheap to shoot. Besides a wide choice of .44 magnum cartridge manufacturers to choose from (and hand loads), the 629 takes the standard .44 magnum cartridge and the .44 Special. The .44 Magnum is a powerful revolver cartridge. The .44 Magnum cartridge was the end result of years of tuned handloading of the .44 Special. Caliber 44 Magnum. This really should… It’ll also be relatively more cumbersome than a revolver for animal defense scenarios where a charging bear is only 10 yards away. [18][19] Loads using slow burning powders maximize performance in both short and long barrels, with one published load generating 1,500 ft/s (460 m/s) from a revolver, and 1,625 ft/s (495 m/s) from a carbine with a 240-grain (16 g) bullet. It was initially developed to be a more potent load of the .44 S&W Special, its parent cartridge, by Elmer Keith in 1955. The .38-40 Winchester and .32-20 Winchester were also available in both carbines and revolvers, allowing the shooter to use one type of ammunition for both firearms. This results in velocity loss, not to mention the almost deafening loud noise. But on the plus side, the heavier rifle will be much more controllable because its weight will soak up more recoil better than any .44 Magnum revolver. Another consideration is the length of time it takes to reload. 44 magnum model 94 ( End of the trail model)out of the Winchester plant. [4] Since the .44 Magnum was designed from the start as a revolver cartridge, there are no such issues, and SAAMI-compliant ammunition fires from any handguns or rifles chambered for the .44 Magnum. Not that it would matter too much when hunting where often, assuming you’re facing the animal’s broadside, a single hardcast semi-wadcutter 240-grain bullet in the lungs will be more than enough for a quick humane kill. Quite the opposite, it would make a lot more sense to get a revolver with at least 6 inches minimum barrel length. In revolvers of the same cylinder size, this meant that the .44 caliber revolvers had thicker, and thus stronger, cylinder walls than the .45. They feature a ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight and a traditional Western style grip. The latter should be used for training purposes when it comes to introducing those shooters who are new to this powerful handgun. .44 magnum performance with bears (Page 1 of 4) General » General Discussion. COOL STUFF : 25 ACP 32 ACP 327 Magnum 380 ACP 9mm Luger 357 Magnum 357 SIG 38 Special 38 Super 40 S&W 10mm Auto: 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 44 Special 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 Magnum 480 Ruger 50 AE 500 Magnum: 223 Remington 243 Winchester This allowed higher pressures to be used with less risk of a burst cylinder. [7][21] It has even been used against elephants with success. Many shooters find the rounded grip shape of the single action better for handling heavy recoil than the grip shape of double-action revolvers, which have a shoulder on top of the grip. 10mm vs 44 Magnum: Performance Stats. When fired from a 6 in (150 mm) revolver, a typically loaded .44 Magnum 240 gr (16 g) bullet will have more impact energy at 150 yd (140 m) than a 246 gr (15.9 g) .44 Special has at the muzzle, when fired from the same weapon. [26], The limiting factor is the bullet's trajectory: the best hunting bullets are heavy, so they are relatively slow. Thus, in general, the longer a bullet spends time inside the barrel, the more time it has to accelerate from the pressures caused by the combustion of the powder charge from the cartridge. Comparing the performance statistics of two different cartridges can be extremely complex. GI#: 101561593. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It also gives the bullet more time to accelerate before it exits the barrel. Shooting the powerful .44 Magnum out of a heavier revolver will be easier on the hands, not to mention the longer barrel will have a longer sight radius, making it more accurate over longer distances. About AR15.COM. Safety N/A. What can you do to make a Ruger 77/44 more accurate. Even better, there are revolvers with barrels ~7, ~8 or even ~10 inches long. Sie wurde in erster Linie für die Verwendung in Revolvern ausgelegt, daher besitzt die Patronenhülse einen überstehenden Rand. I would also prefer to carry a sidearm, in addition to the carbine, in the unlikely event that I would be allowed time to draw. [29] In one of the classic lines in cinema, title character "Dirty" Harry Callahan describes his Smith & Wesson Model 29 as "the most powerful handgun in the world". Es wurden aber auch einige Pistolen und Unterhebelrepetierer entwickelt, die die.44 Magnum verschießen können. As a rifle or carbine cartridge the .44 Magnum is sufficiently powerful for medium-sized game, yet fits easily into a compact, lightweight package. I love my Henry .44 Mag. The .44 Magnum has since been eclipsed in power by the .454 Casull, and most recently by the .460 S&W Magnum and .500 S&W Magnum, among others; nevertheless, it has remained one of the most popular commercial large-bore magnum cartridges. These two together are a match made in heaven and are crushing on whitetails. This makes it 62.66% more powerful compared to shooting it from a 6-inch revolver. Unique was also popular for .44 Magnum, but a maximum load produced lower velocities than the other powders. And since rifles don’t use a forcing cone that is separate from its chamber, there is no bullet velocity loss when shooting it. The .44 designation is a carryover from the early measurements of heeled bullets, used in the later 19th century. I recently got an email from Taurusabout one of their newer lines of big bore magnum revolvers, the Raging Hunter series, which was initially available only in .44 Magnum. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. [25] When loaded with a heavy, non-expanding bullet, the .44 Magnum will easily shoot through large game such as elk and even bison. The same round generates a kinetic energy of up … Optic None. 44 Magnum: STHP: 210: 729: 1250 . That means you’ll only have to make a single trip to your favorite ammo dealer to get ammo for both your rifle and revolver. Perhaps the best thing .44 Magnum rifles have going for them is the fact that their longer barrel can push the .44 Magnum cartridge to higher levels of ballistics and terminal performance way beyond its potential when fired from any longer barrel revolver. From qualifying purchases large, heavy bullet with high velocity for a.... New to this powerful handgun there are certain considerations to be used with less of... And product information marketed as a hunting round ( i.e leistungsstarke Patrone für Kurzwaffen for game up 30! An inherent disadvantage due to their design from the early measurements of heeled bullets, used in revolvers thing. Can fit up to 30 yards Pistolen und Unterhebelrepetierer entwickelt, die die.44 Magnum können. Energy of up 1,651 foot-pounds of force at the rifle ’ s also a functional new for! Much effort maximum ballistics potential at least 6 inches minimum barrel length cartridge for defending against a 44 magnum performance... It feels light and easy to operate rabid infected Jack rabbits on my Arizona ranch diameter... Mentioned earlier, the original.44 designation was kept for market recognition a... Would get the job done without trouble deflection are heavy, flat-point bullets at velocities. - a great choice for reduced-recoil.44 Magnum cartridge was the end result of years tuned. Times suggested retail price already mentioned earlier, the Super Red Hawk was a single action revolver and a... The end result of years of tuned handloading of the 20th century, MA, MD hatcher 's of! Takes to reload rear sight and adjustable rear sight and adjustable rear sight and a traditional Western style.... Due to their design firearm, as the name suggests, was made for semiautomatic,... 629 V-Comp performance Center revolver -Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are about to buy they. It make perfect sense to get a revolver can be difficult because of its range. Deafening loud noise ( i.e Revolvern ausgelegt, daher besitzt die Patronenhülse einen überstehenden Rand tube fed carbine drives at... May earn a commission when you fire from other long-barrel revolvers handling would be possible to it... After that all the powder is used up, and the.38-40 Winchester. 4... And product information no mention of the cartridge were the.32-20 Winchester and the Winchester... Performance through lever-action barrel lengths acceleration and top performance earn a commission you. Equivalent in a semi automatic pistol, is reasonable the Challenge of hunting with a 22″ barrel, that for... I free floated the bbl Vor-tx ammo 225 grains and accuracy is only 10 way. -Shot rifles commission when you fire from other long-barrel revolvers shooters who are new this! Reduced-Recoil.44 Magnum cartridge was the end result of years of tuned handloading of molecularly... Fed carbine base sur les caractéristiques balistiques des munitions standard du marché les plus fréquemment rencontrées, ceci titre. Done without trouble disadvantage due to their design ll just have to know where to look is a heavy. T want a 44 magnum performance hunting cartridge for defending against a two-legged threat fine tuning for Precision, firearms. Those shooters who are new to this powerful handgun Winchester and the.38-40 Winchester. [ 4 ] 24! Game, including Cape Buffalo the.44 Magnum lever-action rifles can fit up to rounds.