Stocker Trout Swimbait Author: Rob Belloni History/Overview: The Stocker Trout is made by Rod and Todd Thigpin and was first introduced in the early 90's. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Spotted bass swimbait.  Largemouth swimbait, just not the double digit kind, most likely.   Very fast and aggressive and performance swimbait.  Highly stall-able.  Highly burnable. Our custom color was a rather generic baitfish scheme, but just in case, we acquired some more standard colors as well. But of Our custom color was a rather generic baitfish scheme, but just in case, we acquired some more standard colors as well. Enthusiast | It’s your ability to control the bait that really sets the Triple Trout guys apart from the rest.   The 6” Triple Trout throws Kelly Slater style cutbacks, turns and power.  The bait fishes incredibly fast if that’s what you want. Bone white, a favorite color the world over. The 8” Triple Troutonly weighs approx 2.5 ounces and is far less a workout to fish than the 10” Triple Trout. The 22nd Century Triple Trout Bluegill delivers a realistic bluegill imitation with its detailed finishes and life-like double-jointed action. The six inch Triple Trout is a good 'starter' bait for guys who aren't conditioned for throwing the bigbaits, yet. We outfitted ours with Owner Hyperwire split rings and Owner ST-56 3x hooks in the 1/0 size all in anticipation of battling peacock bass. Reel:  Shimano Curado 300  or Shimano Calcutta 300 TE or  Shimano Calcutta 400 TE Impressions: 22nd Century's See actions taken by … Watercraft | The seven inch Triple Trout in particular, can be thrown on standard medium heavy to heavy powered bass rods making it less of a chore to throw all day long if big baits are your game. Rods | Lures | The Generic Swimbait first came out to the public around the summer of 2002. Each Triple Trout has its own unique features, strengths, and intricacies that can be hard to qualify for you. I work to find harmony and rhythm with my baits. //-->, What the Stubby?!? There are a You can twitch it, burn it, jerk it Since then there have been four versions of the baits produced, all of which are very Hooks:  Owner ST-56 Stinger Treble Hooks,  #2 front and back Line:  P-line CXX Xtra Strong, Moss Green, 25 Pound The jointed swimbaits have a lifelike swimming action and can even be finessed into making a 180 degree turn. Total Score: 7.42 - While A 250mm, 230g behemoth of a lure, and then a smaller 180mm 90g version. Thanks to the Triple Trout's relatively light weight, casting it all day long is an easier adjustment to make than when trying to heave a … Tournament swimbait and small and spotted bass killer. Rainshadow SW967 Swimbait Rod Review Author: Rob Belloni Rod Length: 8' Line Rating: 15-25 Butt:.660 Tip: 6.0 Materials: Graphite/Glass Composite Overview: This is a composite rod, which puts it somewhere between graphite and glass in terms of action and weight. #paddle #tail #swimbait #best #review Yongzhi Paddle Tail Features Check out price on Amazon best paddle tail swimbait 5 great colors paddle tail fishing lures set with weighted fishing hooks can meet you fishing bass, trout, walleye in clear water and dirty water. ( Log Out /  Autopsy,