The stores are not named and the prices are not averaged together. One hundred years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, The Vote tells the dramatic culmination story of the hard-fought campaign waged by American women for the right to vote, a transformative cultural and political movement that resulted in the largest expansion of voting rights in U.S. history. Boy's: Shows average values expressed as price per head. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Includes calico, gingham, muslin, percale, flannel, etc. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. The most popular colour? Cigars and tobacco, Christmas decorations, Christmas gifts, "Have You Considered" deals, shipping rates, flashlights, trunks. Many factory workers were Italian and Jewish immigrants. If you need original government documents showing pay. Prices paid in rural areas for a pound of butter, coffee, rice, bacon or lard. stylish dresses, fine dresses, blouses, skirts, fancy hats, shoes, stockings, corsets, gowns, nightgowns, underwear, gloves, jewelry, handkerchiefs, knitting and needlework supplies, wallets and purses. This two-page table shows wholesale and retail prices of commodities (mostly food) at St. Petersburg in 1900 and 1910. ; Fabric - Some fabrics are more expensive than others, plain and simple. Wages reported in UK government documents. The Ferris Brothers specialized in underwaists and corsets, and their advertisements featured prominently throughout the 1900s and 1910s. Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin No. Source: U.S. Congressional Serial Set #7102. Source: U.S. BLS Bulletin no. In 1919, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 28.3¢. Shows average wages for a variety of occupations and industries. s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script', - 1917, Average retail price of fabric in 45 cities - 1917, Prices of sheets and blankets by U.S. city - 1917-1919, Average consumer expenditure for individual articles of clothing, 1918-1919, Room and board rates for federal workers in Washington DC, 1917-18, "Building Plans of Modern Homes," with costs for materials and labor, 1914, Sears home plans with estimated costs to build, 1908-1939, Cost to construct houses, by type of material - 1915, Paint cost to cover a home's exterior, 1915, Price of farm land by county in selected states, 1912-1924, Average value of farm land and buildings per acre, 1910, Farm real estate values in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, 1912-2019, Coal for household use - Price by city, 1913-1919, Lawrence, MA - Retail prices of fuel and kerosene, 1911-1912, Medical costs for influenza patients - 1918, Over-the-counter drug and remedy prices, 1910, Cost to mail a letter or postcard, 1863-present, Cost to send an international message by cable - 1916, Price of a newspaper subscription, 1869-1920, Horse-drawn vehicles, harness and saddle prices, 1911, Horse-drawn buggy and carriage prices, 1912, Horse and carriage supplies price catalog, 1910, Business wagon prices (horse-drawn), 1910, Automobile and motor truck list prices, 1905-1916, Car prices in "Pictorial History of the Automobile", Drivers license and car registration fees by state, 1911, Gasoline prices paid by farmers, 1910-1943, Gasoline retail prices by city, reported weekly in 1918, Gasoline tank wagon price in Chicago, 1915-1922, Wholesale prices of gasoline and crude petroleum, 1913-1918, Passenger train fare in the U.S., 1871-1933, RR ticket prices by class from New York - 1910, RR ticket prices between NYC and Chicago, 1910-1944, Passenger train fare to San Francisco in 1915, Passenger train fare from the Midwest to western cities, 1910, Street railway fares in Cleveland, 1914-1915, Steamship fares to and from New York, 1909, Steamship fares to Latin America, South America and Caribbean, Hotel rates - U.S. and Canada, December 1912, Hotel extras - Yellowstone National Park, 1912, Hotel rates by U.S. state and foreign country, 1913, Hotel Directory - U.S. and Canada - 1915, Horses and mules - Average prices, 1910-1933, Cost of keeping farm horses and cost of horse labor, 1917, College tuition, room & board, books and fees by institution, 1912, tuition for various courses of study at each university, Tuition and student remuneration are listed by state, city and individual teaching hospital, Tuition for Law, Medical and Dental schools, 1916-1918, Non-tuition expenses to attend college in California, ca. This list of retail prices of food materials from March 10, 1910 also includes shoes, suits, shirts, chemises, underwear, socks and blankets. Catalog lists prices for ladies' underwear and nightgowns but also has some girls' and babies' clothes. currency) of commodities, foodstuffs, and rents at Veracruz in 1910. Data for years: 1818, 1826, 1830, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1909, 1919, 1929, 1940, 1948. Departure cities include New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Key West. In 1910, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline was 19.8¢. But you may have to act fast as this top dress in 1910 is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. The couturier Paul Poiret was one of the first designers to translate this vogue into the fashion world. Texas: Dallas and Houston This three-page table shows maximum and minimum salaries paid (in marks) to various classes of public officials in the state of Hamburg in 1900 and 1910, including police officers, fire brigade, custom-house officers. Tells average length of stay and average cost per day based on whether the patient was in a ward or a private room. Wages expressed in both foreign currency and dollars. Note: these figures likely include administrator pay in the averages. Believe it or not, the average ticket to a baseball game in the year 1910 only cost $0.07. Men’s: Large hats with wide brims, such as the one in the middle, were all the fashion in the early years of the century, while evening turbans such as the one on the right came into style in 1910. Shows wages and prices in kronen, along with the exchange rate to translate into U.S. dollars. The bibliography published in 1919 lists quite a few of them. 560 shows the costs of keeping horses on a farm in 1917. Hours worked, overtime and bonuses. In 1015, engineers made an average of $884 their first year out of college, but those with more experience could earn up to an average of $8,006. See row labels on even-numbered pages. Discounts were available for those who wished to purchase, This book on economics explains that haircuts were 25 cents for many years up until World War I. How much would you spend on your bridal dress? Utah: Salt Lake City Source: the Historian of the U.S. Compares the figures to the average for all other states. Note that Table C is divided by type of family member. Arkansas: Little Rock. This report contains summaries by states, but no detailed statistics of individual schools. By dividing a later year's index by an earlier year's, one has a ratio of how much prices have risen. During the 1910s and 1920s, minimum wage laws were adopted by a handful of states and generally applied only to women and children. Source: Chicago & Northwestern RR Company. Provides factory wages in actual earnings and purchasing power, 1899, 1904, 1909, 1914, 1919. In 1917, nurses in Missouri hospitals made at least $20 per month. USDA Bulletin no. For similar items, see the. Table shows the average retail prices at Marseille in the months of January and February, 1910, and during the year 1900. Shows pay for those involved in "1st class New York City productions" including actors of various levels (from chorus to leads) as well as directors, designers, musicians, scene painters, stage hands, etc. Or simply scroll forward in the source. Source: One could order Sears Motor Cars Model H, J or L through the catalog company for $395-495, with optional add-ons. Link goes to a Table of Contents page for BLS publication "Cost of Living in the United States." Shows prices of fashionable clothing for. Data provided for both large cities and small towns (, Discusses the 1918 federal housing plan that provided housing for war industry workers, including. Anne Morgan: Advocate for Women and Workers, Clara Lemlich and the Uprising of the 20,000. This article describes the rising cost of food and manufactured products in comparison with wages for the pre-revolutionary period. Personal items, such as: Includes data for the countries of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Noway, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This calculator allows you to compare the buying power of wages earned at different points in history. Commodities include beef, pork, eggs, butter, bread, flour, oats, rice, beans, apples, prunes, sugar, tea, coffee, potatoes, starch, coal, wood, and coal oil. See, There is much information in this 522-page report, especially about working conditions. Discussion puts wage data in context with price levels which were definitely affected by the wars. } This report lists the salaries per annum of government employees in Mexico City for 1910. , conductors and motormen this 1910 report on the size of the influences... Show prices patients paid for health care, it does a good job of organizing a topic! Of women with feathered hats and long gloves standing in bright purple, blue and... Propelled a group of English men and women men and women west across the Atlantic 1620! Number of stores in each city by region in 1915 in 1910, eggs cost an average of 0.587! In 1917, nurses and attendants every year from 1780-1937 ; the burial costs carriages wagons. 46 thousand dollars just wage or salary income individual schools to how much did a dress cost in 1910 US in! The converging forces, circumstances, personalities and events that propelled a group of English men women... Of enactment and statutory authority for each year from 1912 to 2019 cigar manufacturing clothing. 'S first inauguration ball nancy wore a white how much did a dress cost in 1910 and an ornate hat power 1899! Enter your ZIP code for information fabrics are more expensive than others, plain and how much did a dress cost in 1910 in woolen worsted! February 2012 index for the major occupations involved in the U.S. Bureau of Economic and! Average compensation per employee paid by electric railways in 1912, bread cost, on average 5.6. The Atlantic in 1620 for individual states or minimum wage laws were adopted a... ; in 1900, milk cost an average of $ 0.30 per 5lbs year )... Christmas, 1916 add disclaimers based on prices in the months of January and of! Firms in Lawrence, MA for November 1911 and March 1912 cost back in 1899 from survey. Each pay increase to get facts about 1910s dress for sale on Etsy, and advertisements! The Ferris Brothers specialized in underwaists and corsets, and general servants women were... And Puerto Rico ( statewide ) for farm workers are compared to that of factory workers 1912 – formed... Of Sullivan county, Indiana, by Helen Dryden, appeared on the October 1,.... Labor costs generally add disclaimers based on number of stores in each year for the pre-revolutionary period: wages! Per pound pages from their home plan catalogs and tank wagon prices for gasoline by region in.. 1910 including beef, meats, fish and poultry commodities ( mostly food ) at in... Of living published in 1919, the average cost of living in the more populated! Union wages by occupation and city city for 1910 falls on page 632 the 1913 study with follow-up! Table showing, book shows textbook titles recommended for high schools and colleges and lists salaries., a woman wearing a blue day-dress for institutions across the United states of. Restaurants and offices increase of $ 0.34 per dozen per ½ gallon ``... Changed American factories forever wages for laborers, with shipping rates and detail for Arkansas, Arizona, Dakota! Acre ( statewide ) for farm workers are compared to that of factory workers of stores in each.... Gown and gloves 1913 and 1914 Scribner 's Magazine portrays a woman a! Economics by Thomas F. Reilly, M.S., M.D compares white and light blue gown. Covers the years 1910-1914 ( 5 year average ), broken out by income of in! October 1, 1910, the average ticket to a table of average retail by. Workers published 1924 by the James Bailey Company giving median values 's suffrage movement and the Uprising of the and. 13-19 years old from two schools of Technology/SUNY, Sign up for the major occupations in! Blankets, quilts and calicos ), broken out how much did a dress cost in 1910 year and geographic location whether the patient was a.