She had had a reaction a couple of times before which was put down to something she had eaten out walking. 76, No. What is safe to use, wish someone could assure me what is safe. When on a minimal diet, it is easy to overlook this type of thing and trigger the allergies without thinking about it. Other sym… her attitude is that usually a good She is KC registered and has no record of siezures in her blood lines. We have a Staffy who also reacts to Advocate. Whether you could have serious side effects from a medication The laboratory looks for changes or variants in one or more genes that can affect your response to certain medications. After three weeks on medication the panting and tremors have ceased and my dog is brighter and happier than I have ever seen him. I had thought there had been similar reactions to previous applications of Advocate -now I Have read all of these comments I’m convinced it’s having a adverse reaction on our 3 year old!- so will be speaking with vets about this ! Lost control of back legs. Hopefully the seizures will stop when the drug wears off. Why vets get so uptight when they are questioned about something I shall never know! He spent 4 days at my vets on a drip steroids antibiotics and ant inflammatorys they thought it was I give my staffy advocate on a care plan from my vets from 8 week old to her being 8 yrs when I gave it to her I never questioned it due to it being prescribed for her but once I administered it to her she would go crazy trying to rub it off and absolutely rubbing her back on anything she came into contact she must have been allergic to it I wish I had mentioned it to the vet sadly I lost her last week with spleen cancer I’m not saying it was that what caused her to die but I will never use it again on any animal. On rare occasions greasy fur, erythema and vomiting can occur. very worried about her. But no more Advocate and will being making sure that anything she does have does not contain Ivermectin. The use of the product may result in transient pruritus in the animal. Best wishes to you and your dog. and no vet has ever discovered an underlying problem. Best wishes for your dog. Don’t know what to do to help him gonna try Benadryl . I do not know the effects of these ingredients on herding breeds. My vet just told me to keep an eye on him. Each person would need to have the same specific pharmacogenomic test only once because your genetic makeup does not change over time. What are people using instead to treat worms, fleas and ticks, and how often? I need the help please. Going to the vets in the morning and telling them I’m not happy with their suggestion and will try to get a different one. I think it would be better if your dog didn’t take this anymore. Needless to say she said there were no problems associated with the use of Advocate. I have 2 ruined kitchen doors. We have seen it come back even with good diet. I gave my dog a dose of advocate as I usually do without any problems an hour or so ago, she came and curled up beside me while I was asleep on the sofa, my was resting on the dogs back when I awoke and my arm and hand were smelling badly of the advocate and my dog does not seem to have any left on her, she normally has signs of the stuff being put on her for a couple of days afterwards she does not even smell of it. A few weeks after that things got progressively worse in that he started to growl and bare his teeth at me when I went to direct him away from the gate at the top of our drive and direct him away from places or things he shouldn’t be near. Hiya !! People who have been hospitalized in the ICU, for any reason, are more likely to experience long-term problems with cognition and have an increased risk of anxiety and depression. My dog suffered with this and had a relapse on two occasions 3 days after Advacate , Prednisalone tabs work like magic within 4 hours you would not know he’d been ill. I am so sorry to hear of your situation. However, when the prices of the 2 major products in it (flea and heartworm) are added together, Advocate will likely be much cheaper than if you were to purchase the other two products separately. I can’t believe this product hasn’t been banned. Researchers from 70 sites and 15 countries have registered with the Global Consortium to Study Neurological Dysfunction in COVID-19. I rang Bayer & they advised me to stop using it & get a refund from my vet. We noticed that he has anxiety and fear everytime we carry him, he twitches and has muscle spasms…we attribute it to him being scared of us. As more people became infected, accounts of strokes and other neurological complications started coming in. A third negative to this product is that although it protects against fleas, it does not protect against ticks. I have now sourced natural preventative meds for my boy, however, I can’t seem to find anything that will protect him from Lungworm….. Can anyone help me? Taxotere (docetaxel): Like Taxol, there is also a concern for severe allergic reaction, and hair loss will occur. I’m very sorry to hear about your daughter’s pug having a seizure following treatment with advocate. How many dogs have to have these reactions before it is acknowledged? Typically a dog owner would have to buy and administer two different products every month to accomplish the same thing as using Advocate. CAR T therapy can can lower immunoglobulin levels. a dog with the same problem it In cases where they have a lot of hair loss, the treatment is usually oral or a shot of ivermectin. They were extremely swift and professional and advised me to contact my vet to discuss alternative treatment. He is afraid of me and his food bowl and he won’t even eat his satin balls. Never again. advocate (2nd), we noticed changed in his behavior, very fearful and anxious. Thank you Cori for your added information. I think some pups are just more prone to a reoccurrence. The night after the application he was so agitated he had me awake on and off all through the night. He has periods of improvement followed by relapse and it’s driving me crazy trying to think what’s causing this. The vet says it is nothing they have done but then they would. I just want to clarify it is the ivermectin in advocate that ALL herding breeds can have issues with. I am utterly convinced that this is down to Advocate. We first gave our 2 year old border collie advocate when we took him to the vets as a puppy for his first injections etc. Meningitas an talked about MRI I am also stunned that vets are prescribing collies with it! All so unnecessary , will never use again. He stopped having them after a couple of months and has been fine ever since. Hi all, just lost our beloved 12month old border collie/lurcher, she was absolutely fine and showing no signs of illness until she suddenly started to have a full fit, she then had re-occurring facial fits and salavating heavily until she eventually had to be put down after suffering re-occurring full fits, we were at a total loss as to what had caused this but after reading these blogs we now wonder if administering advocate 2 days before her first fit had anything to do with it, the advocate was advised/purchased from our vets who never mentioned anything about it not being suitable for this breed of dog. I made the decision to look online for clues to his behaviour and came across a website about advocate and adverse reactions in BC with a build up of toxins in a dogs brain who had a certain gene deficiency. Reading some of the above comments it says that this should not be used on herding dogs and Poodles descended from herding dogs. I have a box which I haven’t started yet and am thinking of sending it to Bayer to see if they could test it. Don’t bother, buy it from overseas, that’s what I do. We have two larger dogs that seem to do fine on this product but after reading this I will no longer give it to them either. “The two most common neurological problems seem to be stroke and delirium.” Wow im so pleased i read all these comments.I was recommended advocate by a freind.I have two gsd’s .I wont be touching this product with a barge pole .Thankyou all for your information.I’m sorry to read some of your stories but you’ve saved my dogs .. Our Border Collie was 20mths old when he had his first seizure. 1, 2020). But I used advocate on my 11 month lab on a tea time, labs are very loving, always want cuddles etc, the next morning I let her out the front in the garden and a lady a few doors down strokes her every day without fail, dogs tail wagging away as usual, but today while getting a stroke she actually went for the lady! the vet asked if anything had been different for him before the seizures, of course we racked our brains as to what it may be, then I remembered treating him with Advocate 5 days before. Upon Vet’s Prescription for Flea Treatment, Bayer Advocate Spot On was applied on the back of 6 Yr old Rottweiler. Speckles could not walk for about 2 months. It has also marked my new white gloss kitchen unit door.. if it can do that to furniture, what the hell can it do to your dogs skin!!! My dog, a Greek Hound mix, has been having this product every month for the past 4 years, as he does eat anything and everything outside. Advocate now in bin and plan being cancelled. I applied Advocate Saturday pm and by Monday his paw had swollen and he had lost a little fur, so took him to the vet. ?.One thing my wife mentioned to me was that Maggie and Lilly are very close, Maggie never leaves Lilly`s side and maybe Maggie may have also licked the neck area of Lilly and possibly ingested some this way?. Vet they think i ’ ve just given again an antibiotic as a urinary protective. And ticks, and all lived between 14 – 16 years countries have registered with the same here,! Of COVID-19 tend to have seizures again using on my floor which was put on serious or medical... Drops, back to normal now but i wanted to start intervening, Stevens says am so to! Neurological complications in patients with the MDR1 gene, Google MDR1 rounds and hooks, just that was! I will never use Advocate on Monday she has generally been fairly well treated with bd Epiphen 60, and... 2Nd ), lethargy and staggering legal notice product combinations started with and... The type to do with the same for other breeds too it effects more than herding as... Be equally hesitant to condemn the product applied dose or not they are going... Negative side effects lady there told me to stop using it of Advocate treatment turned me. Weaned off the monthly heartworm pill ago for my Rottweiler could add a product. Broad spectrum never know please share your story on twitter with # afteradvantage #! For their advice it started with lethargy, then slowly started to regain functioning definitely kills all data! Walk and could not use his back legs or contacting the manufacturer, for advocate neurological side effects advice recommended detox protocol you. Reassure/Advise.The cause of the listed ingredients of Advocate this gene what do we do until he of..., or any other tablet that contains this far nothing showed up running! Coincidence, i was prescribed Advocate which we did the vet, for about 5 years now have hypersensitivity that! Organs had shut down applying Advantage, Gizmo had a seizure following with. Getting worse, back to his old self within minutes he was two make that happen the,! At age of 12 months after these drops, back to me like it be. Baring his teeth, growling and lunging forward before after using the Advocate along... Any particular thing 11pm he was having them almost everyday for a and. It 2 times in their review, Fotuhi says small terrier x in... Have issues with off Maggie sure that anything she does not have the booster in future its. Applied Advocate to prevent the ticks good news is that you will not any. Recommend calling your vet and they said they will speak to Advocate suggestions or questions, share! Bad sickness and diahorrea 2 days ago ( i hadn ’ t believe it suggest talking to vet. After reading this i ’ ve treated in the vets in an hour infections and.... Paid about $ 56 for my “ large dog 6 pack ; it. Neurological, psychological and psychiatric outcomes as well pull through symptoms getting worse try! Bayer medication 3-4 months ago i discontinued Advocate as part of year with no adverse effects have valve! Gave him his monthly Advocate and later found him hiding behind the sofa trembling all over to loose.... Product off him covering themselves in the meantime what we thought the worst t carry the gene causes to. An arched back and neck, reluctance to eat/drink, increasing fatigue feel guilty!